Volunteers Matter

You can save and change lives. You can make a difference.


You can volunteer in many different capacities at Pregnancy Decision Health Centers. We will talk with you to find where you can be most effective and comfortable serving. Watch this video to see all the ways you can help our community through PDHC.


Linda Decker
Volunteer Coordinator

I’d love for you to join our mission as a volunteer!

Please give me a call or send me an email and together we’ll find the right place for you!


614.888.8774 ext. 6115

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We serve women from all walks of life at the point of their need during one of the most critical times of their life… here’s how you can help save lives. 

There’s a place for you at PDHC. 

If you are interested in learning more about volunteering, please contact Linda Decker, Volunteer Coordinator. You are welcome to attend a Volunteer Orientation to learn more about volunteer opportunities. These orientations are held the second Tuesday of each month from 9:00 to 10:00 am at our center at 5900 Cleveland Avenue, Columbus, 43231.

Volunteers Matter

Our clients need you. Come serve. See what God can do with willing hands and a generous heart.

Caring Services

Caring Center Volunteer:
Be there for the women who need your help.

24-Hour Hotline:
Answer the call from those in need.

Online Consulting:
Be there when women need you most.

Create an atmosphere of care.

Abortion Recovery:
Help women rediscover and reclaim their lives.

Hands-on Help:
Give hands-on help in our administrative office, help with various small maintenance jobs at our Caring Centers, help with fundraising, events, and programs.

Our volunteer, Dawn, shares this story about her interaction with a client-

“I met Chloe* at the beginning of her pregnancy.  Her pregnancy was unplanned and unexpected but she planned to parent from the very beginning.  She began EWYL classes to better prepare herself for this new baby (she had a pre-teen daughter from a past marriage.)  She also wanted to take advantage of being able to provide items for her baby by earning points and shopping in our boutique.  A beautiful thing happened through the months of her pregnancy.  We formed a bond together.  We shared life experiences and learned things together and from each other.  I have been so blessed by knowing this woman and by getting to see and meet her baby daughter.  This is just one of the many blessings of being a volunteer at PDHC.”

You, too, can be blessed and be a blessing by volunteering at PDHC! Contact Linda Decker for more information at LindaD@pdhc.org or (614) 888-8774 extension 6115.

*name changed to protect privacy