Day 26 of 30 days of Thanks

We are thankful for God’s perfect timing. Nicole, our West Center Coordinator, met with a client who had a positive pregnancy test and was completely overwhelmed. She shared with Nicole all the reasons why she couldn’t have a baby and how negatively it would affect the father and their families. She thought abortion was her only option. Then she listened quietly while Nicole shared life options, abortion procedures and risks. Nicole showed her all the community resources available for new parents. The client left PDHC with a heavy heart.

Nicole called the prayer line added this client to the weekly prayer list. A few days later as Nicole and the nurse discussed this client, Nicole felt compelled to follow-up with the client right then. The client answered Nicole’s call as she sat in the waiting room of Planned Parenthood, our country’s largest abortion provider. Nicole told her that she felt God impressing on her to call at that moment and expressed concern for her.  The client thanked Nicole for calling, the words of encouragement and all the information she shared. The client said that she is leaning towards parenting. We continue to pray and follow up with her. We know God is at work.

Praise Him for the way He works and speaks to all of us!

Day 25 of 30 days of Thanks

“I don’t have insurance and the father currently lives out of the country so emotionally and financially I’ve been lacking in support. PDHC has been such a positive and encouraging support system so quickly. I’m so thankful for everything they’ve offered and continued to offer to me through this new journey.” – Michelle. Her baby is due March 29, 2019

Day 24 of 30 days of Thanks

We are thankful that God uses us to save and change lives every day. Last month 90 abortion-minded and abortion-vulnerable women changed their minds and chose life! Praise the Lord!

Day 21 of 30 days of Thanks – President’s Corner

I love this time of year. It is the time of year that we all take a deep breath to focus on gratitude and thanksgiving. In this world, it can be so easy to become distracted by all that glitters. The world continually promotes consumerism instead of charity, peace and gratitude, but God’s word teaches us to be thankful.

We praise God for a season of growth and harvest in the lives of those we serve, and it is our joy to share it with you! Our God, the God of the universe, invites each of us to join Him and He moves among us. What an awesome privilege.

Last month people came to PDHC’s centers for help more times than any other month in our history. We have done everything we can to reach more women and families, and we thank God that more people have reached out to PDHC for help this year than ever before! The stakes are simply too high for people not to know where they can receive free pregnancy help.

We are on track to surpass last year’s numbers:

* 21,000 calls and texts for help on our 24/7 Hotline
* 1,500 ultrasounds
* 1,160 babies born after their moms and dads received help

We are so thankful because behind these numbers are individual stories of lives saved and changed. Stories like Maddie’s, who walked through our doors pregnant and alone. She felt hopeless, scared and was looking for an abortion. She felt she had no other option. She was treated with great care and compassion and she left with a new confidence knowing that God had a plan for her and her baby. This transformation happens every single day at PDHC.

I am filled with deep gratitude for your partnership in this ministry. I know how important it is to you that women and families have the help and support they need to choose life and life in abundance.

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Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving! We have so many reasons to give thanks.

For Life,

Julie Moore, President
614-888-8774, ext, 6121