President’s Corner

I often reflect on Mother’s Day about all of the children who have been saved after their mothers came to PDHC.  I think of these babies as “spiritual children” and I hope you do too. I think of the ancient Hebrew midwives who refused to follow Pharoah’s order to kill baby boys. These children lived because of what the midwives did, or rather refused to do, and the same is true today.  

Children are alive today because their mothers and fathers received help at PDHC. It’s a humbling and, at times, an overwhelming task, but I am so grateful to be a part of it. Together, you and I are a part of God’s great plan to rescue. What a wonderful Father we have! He rescues, He redeems, He restores and He uses us to accomplish His purpose. We see all of this and more happen every day at PDHC. We know how important life is to God because He is the Creator of life. What a blessing it is to celebrate life together and honor mothers and fathers, both the natural and the spiritual.  

We celebrate you during this time between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Thank you for all of the ways that you care for and provide for children not your own. When you pray for a mother who is making a pregnancy decision or give so a new mom and dad might receive education and resources, or volunteer at PDHC, you are providing for families and children.  Whole churches do this by including PDHC in their mission’s budget or hosting a baby bottle campaign.  Families can do this together by participating in this summer’s Walk for Life! What a great way to teach your children to respect life. Golfers, we still have a few spots open at next week’s Golf for Life event at Scioto Reserve. These are fun ways to support life and family but they make an eternal difference!  

You can find more information about ways to be involved by clicking here, or I would love to hear from you! You can email me directly at or call me at 614-888-8774 ext. 6121. I would be more than happy to meet or get you connected. 

For life, 

Julie Moore
President, PDHC 

P.S. Have you seen our 2017 Annual Report? Click here to read all about 2017 Impact and learn about our 2018-2019 Initiatives!   

President’s Corner

Last week I received news that a pro-abortion comedian had completely castigated the work of pregnancy centers on his daily late-night show. I wish I could say I was surprised, but this is nothing new. Once again, pregnancy centers were accused of using trickery and misinformation to prevent women from accessing abortion.

One of the critiques we hear time and time again is that pregnancy centers locate next to abortion clinics to sway women to choose life. Call me guilty.

It’s amazing to me that this is even an accusation. Location is a commonly used and effective strategy to compete for customers. When was the last time you heard McDonald’s complain that Wendy’s moved in across the street, or that a Marathon is next to BP, or that Key Bank is next to Fifth Third?

Pregnancy centers do often locate close to abortion providers and here’s why – we want to reach more women who can benefit from our services. We offer a better product than our competitors. We offer hope and life! When the world is telling a woman all the reasons why she can’t have a baby and follow all her dreams, we are showing her how she can. Most women choose abortion because they feel they are out of choices. It is a choice cultivated by an abortion industry that diminishes the capabilities of women and the lives of children for profit. Instead, pregnancy centers around the country, like PDHC, provide compassionate care and practical support.

People walk into PDHC and stay because our services are the highest quality at the lowest price (FREE!) and we are staffed with helpful, knowledgeable, sincere people. PDHC is consistently highly-rated by women who use our services –

* 97% say they received the help and referrals they needed,

* 95% say that because of their visit they feel more confident and empowered to take their next steps, and

* 96% would recommend PDHC to a friend.

Every woman deserves support during an unexpected pregnancy. We want women to receive all of the support and encouragement they need, so we make help visible and accessible. We want her to find PDHC, especially when she is on her way to the abortion clinic.


PDHC has empowered individuals to make healthy life choices since 1981. Together, we save and change lives.


Important Dates

Spring is just around the corner and we are busy planning exciting events to provide a great opportunity for partnerships in the community.  Here is a sneak-peak at important dates and information on how you can participate and make a difference by helping to save and change lives in 2018.  Event details are being planned around a very important life theme, “Fearfully and Wonderfully Made”, every life matters.  Psalm 139.

Monday, May 21 – PDHC’s 27th annual Golf for Life outing at Scioto Reserve Country Club in Powell.  This is a very important event that draws over 100 business executives and professionals together to benefit the life-saving work of PDHC.  Golfers enjoy a leisurely day of golf, putting contest, auction, prizes, lunch and dinner and a brief presentation on how their support is making a real-life impact in the community.  This year’s speakers are David, Director of our in-school education program, and Noelle, who will share her own personal story.  Costs range from $300 as an individual golfer to $12,000 as event sponsor.  We are in need of the following sponsorships: Event and Event Co-Sponsor, Eagle, Birdie and Par Sponsor, Scoreboard and Lunch Sponsor, Awards Reception and Awards Table Sponsor, Beverage Cart and Golf Cart Sponsor.  Please consider individual participation or a corporate partnership.  You matter!

Back by popular demand this year is our Walk for Life.  This year’s walks will be held the mornings of Saturday, July 14 in Lancaster and on Saturday, July 21 in Columbus.  Lancaster’s walk will be held in downtown Lancaster with more details to follow.  The Columbus walk will be held along the Scioto Mile at Audubon Metro Park.  These events will be very family-friendly with lots of activities and fun for the whole family.  This will be a great opportunity for youth and church groups to make a significant community impact for life.  We hope you will plan to participate as a walker or as a sponsor to a walker.  Together we can make a difference and show our support for the gift of life.  Every life matters!

September brings our annual Celebrations of Life.  Lancaster’s dinner will be held Thursday, September 13 at Fisher Catholic High School.  Dinner in Columbus will be held Thursday, September 20 at Villa Milano.  We are incredibly honored to welcome a very special guest speaker.  From very challenging beginnings with a very slim chance of survival, George Dennehy was rescued from an orphanage and adopted into a loving family.  From there, his life and the messages he shares will be an inspiration to all of us, guaranteed.  Please plan on attending and supporting these crucial, life-impacting events.  Consider being a table host and invite like-minded friends, family and co-workers in the community.  We will also need individuals and businesses to help underwrite the costs associated with gathering us all together in unity so that all donations made the night of the events will go to support the life-saving work of PDHC.  Giving matters!

Each and every one of us is “Fearfully and Wonderfully Made” with unique gifts and talents to share all for the glory of God.  Together, we are stronger for God’s kingdom!