Baby Bottle Program
The purpose of the program is to raise awareness, increase prayer efforts and raise necessary funds to support the free, life-affirming programs offered at Pregnancy Decision Health Centers. The program is a fun, easy way to get families involved and motivated to make a difference and help local women in their great time of need. It is SMALL CHANGE that has a BIG IMPACT! 100% of the money raised goes directly to the services offered such as pregnancy tests and ultrasounds. Due to the nature of the program, it does not detract from regular tithing or other charitable contributions.

How does the program work?

change-bottle (1)1.) Your church or organization designates a time frame for having the campaign. A typical campaign is four to six weeks long. It is important to state a beginning and ending date so that the bottles are returned in a timely manner. Churches often publish bulletin and pulpit announcements over the course of the campaign to educate and remind participants. PDHC is always happy to provide a speaker. Informing the church about the vital work this ministry does is very helpful to the success.

2.) A volunteer or staff of PDHC will provide the bottles at your convenience. Any educational material desired is also available. Volunteers from the church take care of distributing the bottles, usually after services.

3.) At the close of the campaign, a representative from PDHC will pick up the bottles and all materials. PDHC will count the money and provide the amount to the church or organization.

Bulletin Announcement

You’ll find below a general bulletin announcement you can place in your church communities bulletin.

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Baby Bottle Graphic


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