Day 30 of 30 days of Thanks

We are thankful that God drew Angela to Pregnancy Decision Health Centers.
“I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first came to PDHC, but once I arrived I felt special. Everyone was so kind especially Jaimy. She reached out to me even after I had left to make sure I was doing ok. They surprised me even more with the welcome bag once Leia was born.” -Angela, Leia’s mom

Day 29 of 30 days of Thanks

We are thankful for our donors and incredible partner, G&P Productions, who are reaching more women at-risk for abortion than ever before. With your support, this has been another record breaking year of saving and changing lives at PDHC.
This is a video from our client web site. These are PDHC clients, not actors, who are bravely sharing their personal experiences in hopes of helping other women. Through God’s provision, they found PDHC and are shining examples of God’s grace. We are thankful for these incredible women.

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Day 28 of 30 days of Thanks

Brittany walked into our Campus Center for a pregnancy test.  She was feeling unsure and overwhelmed at the possibility of pregnancy.  She was attending college and away from family.   A PDHC volunteer nurse listened to her concerns and provided information on pregnancy options and community resources.  The nurse encouraged her to have an ultrasound before making a decision.  Brittany was interested in the ultrasound and was able to have one at that time.

The nurse was able to date her pregnancy at almost 6 weeks and show Brittany her baby’s heartbeat.  She was still feeling undecided about her plans, but she was excited about having ultrasound pictures and accepted prenatal vitamins.  Brittany came back for a second ultrasound and could see her baby again.  The nurse was able to send ultrasound images through a secure app to Brittany’s  phone.  Brittany was able to view the images repeatedly after she left her second appointment.  The nurse later followed up to provide the physician’s ultrasound reviewing comments.  Brittany said she now plans to continue the pregnancy and has a prenatal care appointment scheduled.

Thank you God for this life decision!  We praise you for the truth and wonder of life displayed through ultrasound!  We thank you for caring volunteers who share your love with those in need.  We pray for this family.  We pray for continued life and well-being for all those we serve.  May these families know the blessing of life and your peace and providence.  We lift them up to you.  Amen