Christie came to PDHC for a pregnancy test and wanted to talk about all the options. She had concerns about financial responsibilities for her young family, had a physically demanding job and cannot imagine adding another child to her already hectic life. Christie explained that her relationship with her boyfriend was complicated. She talked about adoption but felt she wouldn’t have support for that decision. The PDHC consultant listened and then asked Christie about her spiritual background. Christie said she had a question. Then she shared that she had a previous abortion. Through tears Christie said she regretted her abortion and can’t imagine going through it again. She struggles with God‘s forgiveness. The consultant was able to share information about PDHC’s Abortion Recovery support groups. They talked about a loving, forgiving and compassionate God.

Christie said although she does not want to have an abortion, she is considering that as an option. The nurse listened and she arranged for Christie to have an ultrasound the same day. The sonographer confirmed in early pregnancy. Christie was given information on adoption and encouraged to bring her boyfriend with her to the second ultrasound. When the consultant offered to pray with her, Christie agreed. They join hands and prayed that God would bring peace to Christie regarding this pregnancy that He would make himself known to her. After Christie left the office the consultant, called the PDHC prayer line, so that others could begin praying for this family.

When Christie returned for her second ultrasound appointment, she was still undecided. However, during that second ultrasound, as Christie watched her baby’s heart beating, she said, “I can’t go through another abortion. I will take responsibility and keep this baby.” PDHC provided Christie with community resource information and maternity clothes. Christie left PDHC that morning with baby booties, pictures from the ultrasound, a smile on her face and hope in her heart. We thank God for this brave mother’s life choice for her baby!   #PDHC30daysofthanks #pdhc #30daysofthanks  #fearfullyandwonderfullymade

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