Several months ago Maddie found Pregnancy Decision Health Centers’ website and scheduled an ultrasound appointment using online scheduling. A PDHC online staff person called Maddie and offered support and information before the appointment. Maddie seemed very determined that abortion was her best option.

Maddie came to PDHC and a nurse met with her and listened to her concerns. Maddie stated that she wanted to make better decisions going forward but right now this pregnancy felt overwhelming. Maddie said that abortion was her best option. The nurse listened and offered Maddie information on parenting options including adoption. During the ultrasound the nurse was able to show Maddie the images of her very early pregnancy. However, Maddie’s mind was set on abortion.

Two weeks later Maddie came back to PDHC for another ultrasound. The images of the baby were clear. The nurse again provided love, support and information on her options. Maddie was quiet. She hugged the nurse and Maddie left the office.

For weeks, Maddie did not answer follow up calls or texts. The nurse continued to pray for Maddie and asked PDHC supporters to pray through PDHC’s emails and social media posts.

Then two months later Maddie and her husband walked into PDHC. They decided to continue the pregnancy! The nurse celebrated with them and talked to them about their future. She offered ongoing support through PDHC and numerous community referrals. Praise God for this change of heart towards life, for this marriage and for this baby!   #PDHC30daysofthanks #pdhc #30daysofthanks  #fearfullyandwonderfullymade

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