Many of you have heard my story and know of my personal commitment to life. I truly believe that the care PDHC and other pregnancy centers provide across our nation empowers women and families to make healthy life choices. That’s not rhetoric for me. I’ve seen it time and time again. We’re talking about people’s lives, babies being born, and the ability of individuals to overcome difficult circumstances through the power and grace of our Lord. Pregnancy center work is about caring for women and families and babies saved.

But there’s something more-

We are standing in the gap between good and evil. It’s straight from Ephesians 6. “Our struggle is against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.”  This is frontline work!

Planned Parenthood, NARAL and groups like Lady Parts Justice are dead set on keeping abortion legal and your tax dollars propping up big abortion business, but even they can see life is winning! With a potential seismic shift in the Supreme Court and increasing efforts by the public and lawmakers to defund abortion business, these groups are becoming ever more desperate. They sell a pack of lies about abortion liberating women while they take aim at pregnancy centers with claims that they are fake clinics.

We know better!

PDHC has provided crucial services to the central Ohio community since 1981. All services are provided to women and families at no cost to them. Women receive free pregnancy testing and ultrasounds by a licensed medical professional. This year women have received over 1,000 ultrasounds at PDHC. Each one making a life-saving impact and reviewed by an OB/GYN physician. Nurses educate new mothers about the importance of prenatal care and have given over 100,000 prenatal vitamin doses so far this year to support healthy moms and babies.  All this while also providing parenting classes, material aid, and a new initiative to encourage new dads in their important role as husbands and fathers.

If Planned Parenthood and NARAL had their way, voices like ours would never be heard. Women would only know the false promise of quick and easy abortion and the painful aftermath of loss. Families facing difficult pregnancies would only hear that life is damaged, hopeless and not worth it. Never would they hear, “this baby is fearfully and wonderfully made. You can do this. God is with you.”

I invite you to join with us in this important work. Moms, babies and parents need you, so they have somewhere to go for life-saving hope and encouragement. A great place for you to start is at PDHC’s Celebration of Life where together we will stand as a community and proclaim that all of life is Fearfully and Wonderfully Made. People are worth it. God is faithful, and we care enough to help others.

Register here and plan to host a table of your friends.

In Him,

Julie Moore
President, PDHC 

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