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sh1DONATE AND SAVE LIVES. A child’s life.  And a mother’s life. Just pennies a day gives a woman time with a caring nurse who listens, encourages, shares the truth of abortion, and offers her an ultrasound to see her baby.

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The heart of the PDHC mission is our prayer list.

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President’s Corner

We have incredible supporters who are saving and changing lives! What amazing nights we had at our Celebrations of Life with George Dennehy. It was wonderful to see and meet so many of you, where together we proclaimed that all of life is fearfully and wonderfully made.

People enjoyed many different aspects of the evenings – hearing from David about PDHC’s Youth Development program, listening to George’s music and testimony, watching the videos of Leona and Anisa and seeing their families. Many of you were encouraged to hear PDHC is on track to serve even more people this year!

From the stage in Columbus, I was really struck by the whole audience joining George in singing How Great is Our God.  What a beautiful example of the body of Christ coming together in this great mission. The room was filled with Catholics and Evangelicals, Christians from various denominations, where together we affirmed our belief in God, our Creator, and our responsibility to promote life and care for women and families.  It was the picture of unity in Christ.

I shared how together we save and change lives. How true that is. Many of us have long-committed our lives to praying, giving and serving in this ministry. But, this ministry is not about any one of us individually, but how God calls each person to follow Him. He brings us together and collectively we make an impact that is much greater than we can do apart.

Thank you for being a part of this ministry. Your prayers, gifts and service truly make a difference for life, not just this life, but life eternal.  You can make a donation or become a monthly partner by clicking here. Moms and families need your help to choose life.

God bless you,

Julie Moore, President
614-888-8774, ext, 6121

P.S. – Remember Leona? Click here to watch a video update and see Desmond and Destiny!


Our Mission



Empowering individuals to make healthy choices consistent with the intrinsic value of every human life.


Pregnancy Decision Health Centers

PDHC began in 1978 as a dream of a few couples who wanted to help expectant women receive compassionate care in central Ohio. Since then, so many others have made this dream their own. Since our inception, more than 3,000 abortion-vulnerable women have chosen life for their children, and at least another 3,000 who were struggling with an abortion decision decided to consider other options after visiting PDHC.