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President Corner

Do you know the starfish story? It’s one of my favorites. A little boy is on a beach littered with stranded starfish and throws them back in the ocean one at a time. An older gentleman sees him and says, “What are you doing? There are so many. It doesn’t make any difference.” The boy simply bends down, picks up another and throws it into the sea. He looks back at the man and says, “It made a difference to that one.” 

That’s what we do at PDHC, sure and steady, saving lives, one life at a time. 

The beauty is that this work is really about so much more than that one life because God, in His wondrous ways, multiplies.   We may have the privilege of seeing one life rescued at a time, but God uses that life, that “pregnancy decision,” to impact families for generations.    

It is comforting to know that lives are being saved and changed every day at PDHC during this time of uncertainty and egregious law-making in our country. No matter what man’s law is, God changes hearts. So often He does this by using us. We speak life to women and families and share God’s grace and bounty with them. I assure you. It makes a life-saving difference to that one child.  

Thank you for sharing God’s love with others. 

For Life,

Julie Moore, President
614-888-8774, ext, 6121


President’s Corner

You may have heard my story with my son, Josh, and know my personal commitment to life. It, along with my desire to honor the Lord, is what spurs me on to reach more people and do my very best at PDHC, which brings me to some very exciting news!  

At the beginning of 2018, PDHC launched its strongest marketing efforts ever. We know exactly what happens when women find an abortion provider instead of PDHC. The stakes are simply too high not to do all we can to reach women and families when they need us. I am ecstatic to share that our efforts paid off!     

In 2017, we were thrilled to increase our pregnancy center visits to 4,411. We then set what felt like an aggressive goal to serve women and families through 4,800 visits in 2018 and guess what? We smashed through it with 4,956 visits to our centers! That is a 26% increase in a span of two years and an all-time record high, more visits than in any other year in PDHC’s history!  

The number of visits is such a big deal because everything else increases along with them, more pregnancy tests, more ultrasounds, more parenting classes, more parents choosing life and at least 1,273 babies born after their moms and dads received help at PDHC. Not too mention the over 26,000 calls, texts and chats on PDHC’s 24-hour hotline on top of PDHC’s education program in schools and abortion recovery care.    

Still these are only numbers. It’s not for our sake that we want to increase the numbers. It’s because we know the truth about lives saved and changed after coming to PDHC. Personally, I want more mothers and fathers to be filled with joy, like I am, when they look at their child and marvel at how the Lord provided. 

For Life,

Julie Moore, President
614-888-8774, ext, 6121

Our Mission



Empowering individuals to make healthy choices consistent with the intrinsic value of every human life.


Pregnancy Decision Health Centers

PDHC began in 1978 as a dream of a few couples who wanted to help expectant women receive compassionate care in central Ohio. Since then, so many others have made this dream their own. Since our inception, more than 3,000 abortion-vulnerable women have chosen life for their children, and at least another 3,000 who were struggling with an abortion decision decided to consider other options after visiting PDHC.