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sh1DONATE AND SAVE LIVES. A child’s life.  And a mother’s life. Just pennies a day gives a woman time with a caring nurse who listens, encourages, shares the truth of abortion, and offers her an ultrasound to see her baby.

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The heart of the PDHC mission is our prayer list.

Join our weekly prayer list to intercede for the women and families we serve.

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It’s a New Year and a Year of New Life at PDHC

Think about it, every day a new life walks through the doors of one of our centers; a future doctor, scientist, engineer, teacher, firefighter, pastor or priest – the possibilities are endless and only God knows the true purpose for every gift of life.  At PDHC, you and I have the privilege and honor to serve and walk alongside these new moms and dads and their precious, unborn children to provide them with the hope and resources needed to choose life.

You make this possible.  PDHC is blessed to have so many wonderful supporters who partner with us in different, yet equally important roles.  Each one of you is instrumental in helping to sustain the ministry we share in this life together.

Some of you are new to the ministry and have just started supporting the women, men, babies, students and families that need our help.  You may be a monthly or “Family of Life” supporter that helps sustain the ongoing daily operations.  Some of you support PDHC through large donations for event sponsorship, crucial one-time or year-end gifts.  And some of you are members of a church family who share critical resources to support the sanctity of human life.

Together, we have so much to celebrate.  Together, we are answering the call.  And together, we are a family.

Coming off a record-breaking year in the number of services provided at PDHC, our hope is that we are able to serve even more families in 2018.  To achieve this, our financial goals must also increase.  Our prayer is that you will continue to walk alongside us and choose to grow your partnership.  If this is the right time for you, would you consider joining the PDHC “Family of Life”  or increasing your regular gift?

$300 or $25 per month provides the needed resources for one woman or family that walks through our doors.

Are you able to take this next step with us in 2018?

If so, click here to join the “Family of Life”.
Simply choose monthly under the frequency drop-down menu to schedule automated donations.

We thank you and praise God for providing for every woman, man, baby, student and family that needs help. We are grateful and so are they.

May God richly bless you in your giving.

Kathy Scanlon,
Director of Development

President’s Corner

What a year! We are so grateful for your partnership in 2017! Families received the care they needed to choose life and at least 1,160 babies were born after their mothers received help at PDHC! Our number of client visits increased by over 12% from 2016 and many of those were repeat visits. This means families returned to PDHC for ongoing help and hope through parenting classes and resource programs. We taught nearly 10,000 students in schools about healthy relationships, life goals and sexual integrity. Women and men received hope and healing through PDHC’s abortion recovery program.

Thank YOU! We are so happy to celebrate this good news with you. We know it is through your prayers, giving and service that PDHC’s ministry is possible.

Yet, my heart is heavy over the great need that still exists. We like to talk about families empowered and babies born at PDHC. What we don’t talk about as much are the lives lost and women devastated. Despite our best efforts and the collective efforts of the prolife community abortion is still all to often the “go to” answer for people facing an unexpected or challenging pregnancy.

2018 marks the 45th year of abortion on demand in the U.S. You may be shocked to learn that over 60 million lives have been lost since the Roe v. Wade decision on January 22, 1973. We rejoice that abortion rates have consistently gone down, but our most recent reports show Franklin County had 3,158 abortions and Fairfield County had 149. The loss of these lives and the damage to families and our society is something I think we are barely able to comprehend. Although this loss is so difficult to fathom, I understand why it is happening.

We see it everyday on the news and in our centers and in schools. People are devalued and as a result they devalue others. They don’t realize that they have been made in the image of God. They don’t know that God has a unique plan and purpose for them. They lack the hope and faith that believes in a God that is always with them and enables them to overcome. Instead, they know despair. Which is why it is so important that PDHC and the community of life continue to reach more people each and every day! We are a voice for life in the wilderness where people are so often led astray.

Please pray with me for wisdom as PDHC follows God’s call to serve more people for life in 2018. We sought Him and created a plan to increase service in our pregnancy centers by 20% over the next two years, but we know He is able to do abundantly more than all we ask or imagine!

PDHC is honored to serve alongside a tremendous community of life in central Ohio.  No one can do this alone. The battle for life is too great. Together, we are making an impact in our community! Thank you for your commitment to life and family.

God bless you,

Julie Moore

Our Mission



Empowering individuals to make healthy choices consistent with the intrinsic value of every human life.


Pregnancy Decision Health Centers

PDHC began in 1978 as a dream of a few couples who wanted to help expectant women receive compassionate care in central Ohio. Since then, so many others have made this dream their own. Since our inception, more than 3,000 abortion-vulnerable women have chosen life for their children, and at least another 3,000 who were struggling with an abortion decision decided to consider other options after visiting PDHC.